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The Unexplored Summon Blood Sign

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Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 9 PDF/Epub


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Day 2 streak of daily updates!


There are a few places that I feel the obligation to give some form of acknowledgement to, and one person in paticular that I’d like to give a thanks to for actually helping me a little by showing me a good way to make PDF’s. These light novels currently up aren’t my work at all and I will take no credit for them, however I do intend to at some point switch to hosting light novels I’ve made the PDF’s for myself.

First of all, lets start with the person I’d like to thank – Ice.
You may (probably) know him from Freezing, sadly Ice has shut freezing down for the forseeable future, however I got in contact and asked him a few questions, such as did he know any dark easy to read themes (which resulted in the current theme in use as of this post, Nishita) and how to make PDF’s. I won’t repost what he said more because I’d like to keep this as short as possible, despite the fact while writing this I can see it’s already a solid two paragraphs.

Another person I’d like to give some credit too is Setsuna for his translations. The quality is always high and he seems to have a special talent for finding series I (and many others) like

And another special mention goes to Zzhk from Baka-tsuki, I know I haven’t credited anyone else from Baka individually, but Zzhk has godly speed when translating and it shows he undoubtebly puts his all into translating it as fast as possible.

Another person I’d like to acknowledge is Sky from Skythewood tl. Konosuba – ’nuff said.

And finally Onii-sama TL for translating my favourite series so far, Mahouka koukou no Rettousei

A website I’d like to give credit to would be Baka-tsuki, as they have so many good light novels being translated currently, and quite a few light novels in PDF form in general have had the text from a Baka-tsuki project, some truly brilliant translators on there.

Another site I’d like to give credit too is Nanodesu, while not as big as Baka-tsuki, they have a rather large selection of light novels available on their site and everything is incredibly well done from their end. Photos are brilliantly done, as is the translation itself, the PDF and Epub copies are well formatted ect, as well as they actually go through the comments reading them, as well as they take input from those who read.

Novels are being distributed through Discord currentlyy

Join thanks; sorry for the lack of updates college has been hectic. I’ll get a new site up eventually


Looks like after 5 million years the new site I promised ages ago is going to happen.

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Thanks for reading, Rekt~

Where should we go?

Well I’m honestly at a complete loss at the amount of dead links that cropped up recently.

No idea why it happened and I’d rather it didn’t happen yknow.

Where should we go from here on?

I suggested closing the site on Discord, but that came up with extremely negative responses, so don’t worry about that happening :^)

Ideas are appreciated in comments, or come join us on Discord (Link in navigation bar now works)

Cheers for using the site (;

New Discord

Since people keep asking:

Back ~

Sorry; for the inactivity. I’ve just started college-desu which has had me pretty busy, alongside that I have other projects I have to keep up with and haven’t really checked here. I’ll try getting a PDF out a day at least from now on \o/ ~ Rekt (P.S thanks for sticking with me through this period of inactivity!)

Bye Bye Rokka

Finally remembered to take it down, if you enjoyed the series! Yenpress has licensed it (which is why I took it down), go support the series! (Unless their translation is shit, I’d wait a while after release and see what reddit says) Source:


A little preview of the new site

Since I didn’t want all of you to think I’m lazy, I thought I’d post some progress, the disclaimer is done as well as the site UI, looks pretty slick, right? Nice and central too, with some good colors (in my opinion) – p.s. tell me if I should get some social media links! Twitter, Facebook ect. ~ Rekt (Thanks for using my site, please continue, I promise it’ll  be worth while 🙂 )

(Feel free to comment of any changes you’d like made while I’m currently working on this; I won’t be changing much after I finish this (The plan is to just keep up with novels after haha))

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