Finished exams now! Saturday tomorrow; expect a decent amount of my to-do list to actually be fufilled instead of me just saying I’ll do it at some point πŸ˜€

I’m not dead

Before I get started on the other shit of this; yes more PDF’s will be coming. I’ll try get Clash and OreOjou Vol 2 and Netoge with colour pictures out for tomorrow. Not sure how much I’ll be able to do until my exams are over (They finish this week! Yay?)

Welp, kinda forgot to post here; wasn’t completely idle I promise. I just needed a small break and change of pace – so I’m working on something else you guys can use (if you have discord anyways) the project is called Pixie, because Mahouka references ftw, and it’s a bot for Discord, it has quite a few utilities for use. It has some moderation features – although these are locked to just my use atm, although shortly I’ll ammend them to just check if the user has the permissions to use them, and there’s also a novel lookup as well as a visual novel lookup. Manga lookup should be coming eventually as will music. Here’s the invite linkΒ  [ https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=175319652073734144&scope=bot&permissions=536083519 ]

Thanks for reading!

Lots of things coming!

Today I realised I’d been neglecting here a little; so I’m gonna do a big release tomorrow πŸ˜€ (I have 5 pdfs already made for it) All you OreOjou/Shomin Sample fans can prance around with your machos you Zashiki fans can finally see the end of your series (sadly), so here’s whats to come in the up and coming days (aka my worklist that I plan to complete at some point):

OreOjou Vol 2
Kiniro Moji Tsukai
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
Ochitekita Naga to Majo no Kuni
Qualidea of Scum and a Gold Coin
World Customization Creator
Clash of Hexennacht Vol 2
Seirei Gensouki Shorts
Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru
Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu to Nanatsu no Seiyaku
Genjisushugisha no Oukokukaizouki
CTG-Zero Kara Sodateru Dennou Shoujo
Fate Apocrypha
A Step into the Past
Altina the Sword Princess Volume 7
OreDorei Vol 3
Grimgar Vol 3
Gate Vol 5
My Death Flags Have no Sign of Ending
Moonlight Sculptor

Sounds good right? If you want any added you’re completely welcome to drop me a comment down in suggestions or come and tell me in the Discord server.

Anyways – I’m out πŸ˜€ cya later


New site is 33% finished :D

With the completion of 1/3 of the new site I thought I’d post an update; the completed sections being the html and css of it. You can go check the homepage out. The banner is a placeholder, if anyone wants to design one and send it to my email they’re welcome to, because my art skills are abysmal to be completely honest ( getrektbyme@ln-compilations.com ) just wanted to make an update to let you guys know I’ve actually been doing some work on it and haven’t just been lazing around 24/7.

Lets get back on track

Since I’m completely and utterly inept and shit in every way, let’s go back to basics n shit I guess. Tomorrow will be the start of regular updates again: I’m not taking days off anymore. After tomorrow all requests will be attempted on the day of request (unless not broken up into volume/acts, in which case I’ll need to ask someone who’s read it where I should be splitting shit) and to start it all off tomorrow this will happen: I’ll be fixing intellectual village epub links. I’ll fix the Unlimited Fafnir short stories and I’ll also be releasing a few novels such as Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 3&4 as well as Leviathan Volume 5 (That I meant to release already but forgot) if you have any others you’d like done for tomorrow please go to suggestions and leave a comment on what you’d like added

Welp I guess we can try?

Someone asked me to translate Netoge no Yome wa Onnaoko ja Nai to Omotta?, and well I can’t translate for shit, but, I guess I can ask if anyone wants to try the project? Email me for details: getrektbyme@ln-compilations.com More experience with Jp the better. Applicants can apply for typesetter (the guy who can do graphics and the likes), translator (project won’t start without one), editor (the guy who’ll make it read nice (it’d be nice if they had some Jp knowledge, but isn’t needed)) and I’ll update this when I’m finished with applicants, or if no one applies as all within a little while, thanks for reading ~ Rekt

Edit: This was clearly a failure; projects like this will not be attempted for the forseeable future. Forseeable being until I get the new site up anyways ;o

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Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 9 PDF/Epub


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