Lets get back on track

Since I’m completely and utterly inept and shit in every way, let’s go back to basics n shit I guess. Tomorrow will be the start of regular updates again: I’m not taking days off anymore. After tomorrow all requests will be attempted on the day of request (unless not broken up into volume/acts, in which case I’ll need to ask someone who’s read it where I should be splitting shit) and to start it all off tomorrow this will happen: I’ll be fixing intellectual village epub links. I’ll fix the Unlimited Fafnir short stories and I’ll also be releasing a few novels such as Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 3&4 as well as Leviathan Volume 5 (That I meant to release already but forgot) if you have any others you’d like done for tomorrow please go to suggestions and leave a comment on what you’d like added

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