Welp I guess we can try?

Someone asked me to translate Netoge no Yome wa Onnaoko ja Nai to Omotta?, and well I can’t translate for shit, but, I guess I can ask if anyone wants to try the project? Email me for details: getrektbyme@ln-compilations.com More experience with Jp the better. Applicants can apply for typesetter (the guy who can do graphics and the likes), translator (project won’t start without one), editor (the guy who’ll make it read nice (it’d be nice if they had some Jp knowledge, but isn’t needed)) and I’ll update this when I’m finished with applicants, or if no one applies as all within a little while, thanks for reading ~ Rekt

Edit: This was clearly a failure; projects like this will not be attempted for the forseeable future. Forseeable being until I get the new site up anyways ;o

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